News Digest – Anti-poverty week

One in eight people living in poverty in Australia – new report: "The Australian Council of Social Service has today released a new report showing poverty in Australia remains a persistent problem with an estimated 2,265,000 people or 12.8% of all people living below the internationally accepted poverty line used to measure financial hardship in wealthy countries." ACOSS media release.

Life ‘on the outer’ with $100 a week: "Mr Merrett, 41, receives the disability support pension but once all the bills, repayments and rent are deducted from his account, he can be left with as little as $100 a week." Ben Schneiders, The Age.

Jobs and housing costs mean more live in poverty in NSW: "NSW had a nation-high 14.3 per cent living in poverty due to weaker employment opportunities and higher housing costs, while the national average was 12.8 per cent." Vince Chadwick, Sydney Morning Herald.

Queensland – State’s great financial divide: "Queensland has the nation’s widest gap between the poor and not-so-poor, according to a new comprehensive study of poverty in Australia." Tony Moore, Brisbane Times.

South Australia has one in every eight people living below poverty line: "The Australian Council of Social Service Poverty in Australia report says up to 195,600 in SA are living in poverty." Lauren Novak, Adelaide Now.

WA Families Struggling – Report: "Low income households in Western Australia are struggling to afford a basic standard of living, according to a new report by the Western Australian Council of Social Service (WACOSS)." Pro Bono News.

No special deals for single mums: "Single mothers removed from their parenting payment and put on the dole next January will be offered no additional emergency assistance, despite the pleas of Labor MPs and welfare groups." Patricia Karvelas, The Australian (subscription required).

A blow to single parents, on the eve of Anti-Poverty Week: "This week is Anti-Poverty week, and research by the Australian Council of Social Services has found that 600,000 children are living below the poverty line (of 50 per cent of the median income), and half of these are in single parent families." Ged Kearney, The Punch.

‘If you look at the cost of living, it’s barely enough to get by': "Nicole is a single mother in her mid-40s who is trying to escape the poverty trap." David McCowen, Sydney Morning Herald.

Harsh realities of a policy that moves more into poverty: "Where women are raising children alone, the tensions between work and family are particularly pronounced. This has the effect of pushing them into lower paid, casual jobs." Veronica Sheen, The Conversation.

Sole Parents Deserve Better: "On the day that the most passionate interchanges on sexism became part of the Peter Slipper saga, the Government and the Opposition jointly voted to increase the poverty of a large group of vulnerable sole parents." Eva Cox New Matilda.

Women give voice to their silent rage of inequality: "The sex wars which erupted in federal parliament last week are only the tip of the iceberg of a deep vein of discontent in society about the difficulties facing women and men juggling work and family. " Jessica Irvine, The Telegraph.

An anti-poverty strategy for the UK: "The UK has had several anti-poverty strategies in recent years, but we have repeatedly criticised these because they have lacked an evidence-based link between what they want to achieve and the policies or actions they suggest." Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

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